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Electric Capacity Markets Are Failing the Northeast

By: Bill Bottiggi | This week, Boston welcomes the Quadrennial Energy Review roadshow to town for a stakeholder engagement meeting. The QER process began in January 2014 when President Obama issued a memorandum directing the administration to translate energy-related policy goals into recommended actions through 2018. Season one of the QER, which ran in 2015, … Read more

Power Shutdowns on Hottest Days Could Be Illegal in D.C.

The bill was crafted to protect people from blazing temperatures, even when they are behind on their bills. By: Mark Segraves | Energy companies are barred from shutting down D.C. residents’ power on the coldest days of the year — and may soon be barred from turning off service on the hottest days as well. … Read more

Footsteps Will Soon Generate Electricity in Washington DC

By: SustainableBusiness.com | Sustainable DC is experimenting with kinetically-powered pavers, where pedestrians create electricity as they walk along the road. 100 kinetic pavers scattered along the road will generate 456 kilowatts of energy a year, enough to light the new 850 square foot Connecticut Avenue Overlook Parklet, south of Dupont Circle. At a cost of … Read more