PUC delays change in solar net metering policy until April

By: MAUREEN MILLIKEN | The solar power net metering rule that would change how users are compensated will not go into effect until the end of April, the Maine Public Utilities Commission decided on Tuesday. The rule — which was to have grandfathered existing solar power customers for 15 years under the current incentives but gradually … Read more

Maine Is About To Slash Its Solar Subsidies

By: Andrew Follett | Maine is considering slashing solar subsidies after the state’s Public Utilities Commission concluded they unfairly penalize people who don’t own solar panels. Maine’s Public Utility Commission is considering phasing out net metering financial incentives for both new and existing users. The commission will be accepting written comments on the changes until November 2nd and … Read more

Electric Capacity Markets Are Failing the Northeast

By: Bill Bottiggi | This week, Boston welcomes the Quadrennial Energy Review roadshow to town for a stakeholder engagement meeting. The QER process began in January 2014 when President Obama issued a memorandum directing the administration to translate energy-related policy goals into recommended actions through 2018. Season one of the QER, which ran in 2015, … Read more

Maine lawmakers opt not to tinker with electricity deregulation

By: Darren Fishell | The legislative committee handling energy policy has recommended the state leave it to regulators and the courts to decide whether affiliates of Maine electric utilities can own power generation within the state. The Legislature’s Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee effectively killed LD 1513 on Thursday, voting unanimously to recommend against the … Read more

Maine Senate president aims to cap electric rates

By: Scott Thistle | An effort to cap electric rates in Maine at 10 cents per kilowatt hour or less likely will go to a vote by the Legislature’s Energy Committee on Tuesday. But the bill, LD 1339, by Senate President Mike Thibodeau, R-Winterport, also calls for the suspension of the state’s renewable energy portfolio … Read more

Governor of Maine Implores Legislature to Help Trim Power Prices

By: Cheryl Kaften | Maine Governor Paul R. LePage (R) sent a letter on August 21 to his state’s legislative leadership, calling for action to reform obsolete and costly energy policies that, he said, are making it difficult, if not impossible, for local businesses to remain competitive. The letter was prompted by an announcement from … Read more

Maine Natural Gas looks to increase rates

Utility says rates would increase for 3 years, drop in 4th By: David Charns | Maine’s Public Utility Commission is weighing a proposal from Maine Natural Gas to raise its delivery rates more than 20 percent over three years. The average cost for residential customers would increase about 10 percent in the first year, the … Read more