Choosing between gas or electric can affect energy efficiency in your home

By: Kristen Dalli | As many consumers strive to make more eco-friendly decisions, the choice between gas and electric for heating and cooling purposes can affect overall energy efficiency — and the environment. According to researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), consumers looking to operate their homes on the most energy-efficient … Read more

This Map Shows How Much Electricity Costs in Every U.S. State

By: Dustin Nelson | Utilities are both excellent and horrible. It’s obviously great to have gas for the stove and electricity for, well, playing charging your phone and seeing at night. But they’re always hiding just out of sight when you’re thinking about your mortgage or rent. What you pay for electricity varies not only … Read more

Companies are increasingly making their own power

By: L.M. Sixel | A trend made popular by grocery stores and manufacturing plants that have a constant need for power to keep their merchandise at the right temperature or maintain their operations during utility company power outages is spreading to other industries. About 25 percent of companies have already invested in on-site generation with … Read more

U.S. Natural Gas Demand For Electricity Can Only Grow

Even more so going forward, natural gas will be the main source of U.S. electricity, currently at 33% of all generation. Electricity accounts for a leading 35% of total U.S. gas demand, or a rising 9.6 trillion cubic feet consumed for power burn per year. Impressively, even though U.S. power consumption has been flat, our gas used to generate electricity is up 42% in the shale-era since 2008.

2019 Storage Outlook: Utility procurement will drive deployments, analysts say

  Rules for energy storage in wholesale markets are being finalized, but deployments are more likely to be driven by utility resource plans. By: Peter Maloney | At the top of the 2019 agenda for many energy storage stakeholders is the finalization of new rules for energy storage in wholesale power markets under the Federal … Read more

Utilities are accelerating shutdowns of coal-fired power plants

By: Karen Graham | As coal-fired power plants in the U.S. grow increasingly uneconomic, capacity retirements by year-end are likely to hit a record 15.4 GW, exceeding the previous record of 14.7 GW set in 2015. In his report, Seth Feaster, an Energy Analyst with the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) outlines … Read more

Natural gas here to stay beyond energy transition, Big Oil says

By: Ron Bousso and Shadia Nasralla | Energy companies are betting demand for natural gas will rise at break-neck pace for decades, undermining warnings that tackling climate change would require a rapid switch to renewable energy. Top oil companies including Royal Dutch Shell (AS:RDSa), BP (L:BP) and Total(PA:TOTF) are adapting with growing urgency to the need to develop cleaner energy … Read more