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In the Wake of Isaias, Utilities Offer Reimbursements to Customers

Following Tropical Storm Isaias, residents of New York and New Jersey experienced widespread power outages. While many people are already facing hardships due to the COVID-19 crisis, utilities faced severe criticism for slow responses in power restoration. Typically utilities will not pay claims for loss due to power outage; however, at this time, PSEG and […]

2020-08-18T14:36:42-05:00August 18th, 2020|New Jersey Market, New York Market|

JCP&L overcharged him for 24 years, but the law says they don’t have to pay it all back. So they won’t.

By: Amanda Hoover |

For 24 years, John Regina was a model JCP&L customer. He says he paid his bill on time each month — all 288 of them.

But something always seemed off, and he says he repeatedly complained to JCP&L. The bill just seemed too steep for a man living alone in a townhouse in Bedminster.

Regina […]

2018-08-10T11:07:43-05:00August 10th, 2018|New Jersey Market|

FERC rejects PJM capacity market reform proposals, seeks quick resolution

In a 3-2 decision that drew sharp dissent from two commissioners, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission late Friday rejected both of PJM Interconnection’s proposals to address failures in its capacity markets due to state subsidies supporting preferred generation resources.

Whether to add more renewable energy or to keep struggling emissions-free nuclear […]

Capacity prices nearly double in largest U.S. power market

By: Jeffrey Tomich |

The cost of ensuring adequate available generation in the nation’s largest power market surged as power plant operators raised offer prices to offset lower energy revenues and fewer new natural gas plants coming online.

PJM Interconnection yesterday said clearing prices for capacity across much of its 13-state footprint nearly doubled […]

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