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In the Wake of Isaias, Utilities Offer Reimbursements to Customers

Following Tropical Storm Isaias, residents of New York and New Jersey experienced widespread power outages. While many people are already facing hardships due to the COVID-19 crisis, utilities faced severe criticism for slow responses in power restoration. Typically utilities will not pay claims for loss due to power outage; however, at this time, PSEG and … Read more

Households Pick Up Energy Costs Saved By Businesses

Since March, business closings across the nation have caused a marked decrease in the amount of energy consumed by commercial accounts. As many people are now working from home, it is often the employees who are picking up the difference in costs. A study by Columbia University, for example, found that New York City apartments … Read more

NYSEG asks for hefty hike in electric rate

By: Gwendolyn Craig | New York State Electric and Gas is seeking one of its largest rate increases in years, as it works to upgrade aging infrastructure, protect service from the effects of climate change and handle an ever-changing electric landscape. The proposed increase, which has to be approved by the state Public Service Commission, … Read more

Feedback sought on proposed NYSEG rate hikes

By: Daniel Axelrod | The state Public Service Commission is seeking consumer feedback on double-digit electric and gas rate hikes proposed by New York State Electric & Gas Corporation. NYSEG is seeking annual increases of $156.7 million or 20.4 percent for electricity revenues and $6.3 million or 3 percent for gas delivery revenues. NYSEG has … Read more

NYSEG files request to raise electrical & gas rates

By: Emily Lampa | NYSEG’s rate plan with the State of New York expired last month. While rates will remain stable for the next year, the rate increase NYSEG is hoping to secure for electrical delivery is significant: 23.7 percent. If approved, the new rate would go into effect in May 2020. Documents filed with … Read more

Summer electric prices expected to stay near historically low levels

By: The New York State Public Service Commission | The New York State Public Service Commission announced the cost for electricity supply is expected to remain near historically low levels this summer. In addition, peak power demand forecasts continue to fall thanks in part to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” strategy. The … Read more