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Texas energy users may make up ERCOTs $12 billion loss

Although lawsuites are still pending, Texas energy users may eventually have to make up about $12 billion in ERCOT’s electricity-related losses from this winter’s storm. Last week, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas released reports showing oustanding debts of $2.9 billion from local providers and cooperatives. Those debts represent the total payments due from 14 … Read more

Five Truths About Grid Reliability and Deregulation

By: RealClearEnergy.org | Before electricity had been restored last month, false claims proliferated as swiftly as the outages themselves. Misguided criticisms included excessive blame levied at wind power, while others have fallen into the trap of blaming “deregulation” of the power industry. That’s dead wrong for two reasons: power markets aren’t “deregulated” for reliability purposes and the … Read more

Bad Electricity Math at The Wall Street Journal

By: rstreet.org | Journalists are known for many things, but quantitative analysis is not typically among them. Still, it was discouraging to see The Wall Street Journal’s news section putting out what in the words of one expert “gets an F-grade for making big causal statements with 5th-grade math.” In a recent article, WSJ reporters Scott … Read more

Provider Shut Down By ERCOT, Others Filing Bankruptcy and Lawsuits

In the wake of Texas’s recent winter storm, ERCOT has revoked electric provider, Griddy Energy LLC’s access to the state’s power network. After Griddy’s 10,000 customers were charged up to $9,000 per megawatt hour, ERCOT announced that it had “effectively shut down Griddy,” according to a statement on ERCOT’s website. ERCOT was transferring about 10,100 … Read more

Texas Legislators Work to Address Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he and other state leaders are working quickly to address reports of many customers receiving bills for thousands of dollars for just a few days’ electricity service while the state was gripped by frigid temperatures. After the deadly winter storm that caused widespread blackouts, Abbott called an emergency meeting with … Read more

Ohio and Illinois to lose 7 coal-fired plants over next 7 years

Vistra Energy has announced that from 2022 to 2027, they will be closing 2 coal plants in Ohio and another 5 in Illinois. This decision is part of the company’s plan to reduce its carbon footprint. In an effort to transition to clean power sources, Vistra also included in its plan an $850 million investment … Read more

Texas to End Moratorium on Disconnections in October

Many Texans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have been protected from having their electricity disconnected due to non-payment. After the governor declared a state of emergency in March, the Texas PUC initiated a plan so customers could self-enroll if they were facing economic hardships. According to this plan, the PUC ordered all retail providers to … Read more

COVID-19 Pandemic Affects Electricity Demand, Prices

Summer temperatures always increase the load on electric grids across the country, but this summer, the COVID-19 pandemic has been another factor generators have had to consider. With many more people working from home, the demand on the system was expected to be higher this summer than in previous years. However, the question was to … Read more