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Why Texas missed a nationwide drop in power prices

By: L.M. Sixel | Wholesale electricity prices last year fell nationwide except in one place — Texas. Here, they soared when an August heat wave gripped the state and repeatedly sent wholesale power prices up to the state’s maximum price of $9,000 per megawatt hour. In most of the U.S., average annual wholesale prices fell … Read more

ERCOT reserve margin projected to rise 2 percent for summer 2020

By: Douglas Clark | The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is projecting its summer 2020 planning reserve margin will increase over what was reported entering summer 2019’s peak demand season. The December Capacity, Demand and Reserves (CDR) Report, which includes planning reserve margins for the next five years, indicates the planning reserve margin will … Read more

ERCOT says Texas has enough power for next summer despite rising demand

By: L.M. Sixel | Texas is expected to have more ample supplies of electricity next summer as new renewable and gas-fired projects come on-line, according to a new forecast issued by the state’s grid manager the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. The grid manager predicts that Texas will have a reserve margin of 10.6 percent … Read more

More generation capacity next summer will ease tight conditions

By: L.M. Sixel | Electricity contracts for residential customers in Texas have become more expensive as high wholesale power prices during the hot weather this summer work their way down to the retail level, boosting the energy portion of one-year fixed-rate plans at least 20 percent compared to what they were a year ago, according … Read more

Electricity prices up 43 percent this year, reflecting new price adders

By: L.M. Sixel | Power generators hit pay dirt this summer when hot weather in August triggered surcharges approved earlier this year by Texas regulators, sending wholesale electricity prices soaring more than 40 percent, with the higher costs likely to be passed onto households and businesses. Wholesale power prices in Texas averaged about $50 per … Read more

Analysis: The murky and confusing Texas electricity market

By: L.M. Sixel | A basic economic principle holds that a key to well-functioning and efficient free markets is transparency, a state of affairs that allows participants to have the same access to information to make decisions on what to buy and sell. It works in stock, oil, and currency markets, where prices and other … Read more

ERCOT sees enough electricity capacity for fall, winter

By: Electric Light & Power | The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) anticipates there will be sufficient installed generating capacity available to serve system-wide forecasted peak demand this fall and winter. ERCOT today released its final Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy (SARA) report for the upcoming fall season (October – November 2019) and its … Read more

Griddy customers upset over electricity prices during recent heat wave

By: Bill Barajas | Griddy customers are upset over high energy bills, and they’re letting the electric company know about it. Over the past few days, customers said they’ve paid hundreds of dollars’ worth of electric bills. What customers are saying David Brooks has been with Griddy for eight days. He said he was told … Read more