Energy Consulting for Your Business and Residence

When it comes to your energy consumption with your business or residence, you want things to be as efficient as possible to help reduce the costs. Of course, some factors and components of your business and residence consume more energy than others, so it helps to get a sense of what’s costing the most when it comes to energy.

At TruEnergy, we’re proud to provide energy consultations for businesses and residences throughout the United States including Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Keep reading to see the types of businesses we work with as well as how we can help you cut down on your energy costs!

Prestige Heating and Air Conditioning LLC

We absolutely love Tru Energy. We have used them for several years now to find us the absolute best deals from electrical providers. Our account manager Billy is always on top of things and never ceases to amaze us!

Brian Gesner

Canton Creek RV Park

Truenergy has been a company I would recommend to anyone wanting to find an affordable electric company that suits your business. Wiliam Parker has made this such an easy transition for our RV Park. We really appreciate his hard work. I would highly recommend Truenergy to everyone.

Lloyd McCord

Tasha is a absolute asset to your company. She is very thorough, keeps her promises, and is very professional.
Tasha displays a personality that is necessary to attract new business.
Thank you Tasha, we appreciate you and all your hard work!

Lloyd McCord

Marilyn Siruta’s

Bill this month was almost half of the previous month. Tasha did a great job getting me the best rate.

Marilyn Siruta
Marilyn Siruta’s


get my 1st bill so far it is in line of what i expected. thank you for your help. GOD BLESS YOU

See How Much You Can Save!

Energy Advising for a Variety of Businesses and Residences

While every industry uses energy, of course, some use more than others. Making the businesses more energy-efficient and less costly is on the mind of managers and owners everywhere. However, where do you start? Checking your energy bill is one way but letting an energy advisor analyze it can help you determine which systems are using the most energy or gas. The most common systems that use the most energy are:

  • HVAC system
  • Refrigeration units
  • Food preparation equipment (ovens, grills, stoves, broilers, etc.)
  • Lighting system
  • Industry-related equipment

How TruEnergy Can Help

Energy ConsultingWhen you’re looking to shave some costs with your energy bills, then our team at TruEnergy can help! Using proprietary technology, we’ll carefully analyze your energy bill to determine which factors of your business are using the most energy. We’ll also research and suggest similar equipment or components that are more energy-efficient, so you can reduce any energy waste and the consumption costs.

Lastly, we’ll communicate and negotiate with your local energy suppliers. After consulting with these providers, we’ll be able to determine which company offers the best rates on electricity and gas. We’ll work tirelessly to get you the lowest energy rate for your business!

Cut Your Energy Costs

From restaurants to retail and manufacturing to churches, we’re proud to have a wide array of businesses throughout the community that we’ll happily assist with consolidating their energy costs and ensuring that their systems are running at the optimal levels.

Learn about how we can help them cut their energy costs! Get started today by simply contacting us to get started on figuring out how to cut down on your energy costs!

At TruEnergy, we’re proud to help businesses throughout the United States including Texas, Ohio, Philadelphia improving their efficiency and reduce their energy costs!

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