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Prepaid Lights

How Do Prepaid Lights Work?

For many people, a prepaid electricity service (also known as prepaid lights depending on where you live) is often a good option to get your power on without the hassle of an energy contract.  With prepaid plans, there’s often no credit check, and you can avoid a large deposit or even qualify for an energy plan without a deposit at all.

A prepaid electricity account is exactly what it sounds like. With a prepaid plan for your electricity, you simply make an advance payment on your electricity account, and your power is on! Make prepaid payments when you want, not according to set due dates. Quit worrying about having an outstanding balance–just add as much money as you want or can at any given time. Track your energy usage, and know when you need to conserve power. Save money by knowing exactly what you spend on electricity and when you’re spending it.

Who can benefit from a prepaid electricity account? Anyone really.

  • Don’t have credit?
    College students with bad credit or no credit / payment history
  • Don’t want a contract?
    Roommates who don’t want to have to enter into a long-term energy contract together
  • Moving soon?
    Anyone planning on moving or switching their energy service in the near future
  • Don’t have/want a deposit?
    People who are having trouble putting together the extra cash for an electricity deposit. There are a variety of no deposit plans.
  • Stretched thin already?
    Anyone trying to balance a tight budget

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Areas we serve with Prepaid Electricity options:
California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas & Washington D.C.

Prepaid Light Plans

Tips For Using Prepaid Electricity

Each prepaid electricity provider is different, and some offer special discounts or incentives for switching to them. Some of them sound great, and they do have the potential to save you money on your energy service. Some can also end up costing you quite a bit more. Be careful if you are paying a different energy rate at different times of the day or month. The same goes with introductory offers. Energy providers are generally going to make up for this elsewhere. If you know how it works and can plan your usage patterns, you can save quite a bit of money. If it catches you off-guard, you could end up spending much, much more. Of course, TruEnergy can help you navigate these differences.

Prepaid Light Options

Prepaid Power

As stated earlier, a prepaid electricity account could be a good option if you have trouble getting an electricity or natural gas account setup in your name when trying to us a traditional deposit account. Prepaid electricity plans are easy to set up, and we can often have your prepaid energy account activated the same day.

Energy Alternatives

Prepaid electricity plans aren’t always the best option in all situations. TruEnergy can help find electricity rates from a variety of plans that work best for you.  We offer dozens of options from our energy partners nationwide.

Rather than being a direct provider, we have partnerships with many electricity suppliers in TX and the other deregulated electricity markets around the country and help our clients find the plan and pricing that’s best for them. Maybe you’re already with Reliant, TXU, APG&E, or any of the other electricity providers. Maybe you’re just starting out at a new location. Either way, we can help get your power on. We can get you the best rate from your existing electricity supplier, or we can help you find a different electricity provider if you want to switch.

We’re here to find what works best for you.

We have relationships with electricity providers in every deregulated energy market and can help you compare your options.  We offer a free energy audit, and we only need a previous electricity bill to be able to analyze your electricity usage. This allows us to find a pricing plan that is tailored to your specific needs. With pricing offers from numerous electricity providers, we can then offer support to help you to make the smart choice and pick the right plan to get your power on.  Shop electricity and payless. It’s that simple.

Below are a few alternatives to a prepaid power plan with your chosen energy provider.

POGO (Pay As You Go Electricity)

POGO (also known as month-to-month) is a great electricity option if you prefer flexible power over getting the lowest energy rate.  If you live in an apartment or rent a house this type of electricity account might be the best option for your electricity needs.  It allows you the peace of mind to change your plans easily and not have to worry about early termination fees with your electricity provider and thus reduce your light bill.

This is also a good option if you’re in the process or repairing your credit and need to have a power in your name without a deposit. Prepay, and eliminate all the hassles.

However, pay-as-you-go or prepaid electricity might not be best for you if you recently bought a house, have predictable usage, or have kids in school and don’t plan to move for many years.  In that case an extended agreement with your electricity provider could be the best option to keep your lights on.

Fixed Electricity Plan

We have access to a variety of fixed rate electricity plans to help make your electricity bill predictable no matter the time of year. These plans give you one rate that will remain locked-in for the entire duration of your agreement. Even if the market prices shoot up, your electricity rate will stay the same.

Variable-Rate Energy Plan

Some customers prefer the possibility of saving money when the energy market prices go down. If you foresee market prices staying low–or going lower–selecting a plan with a variable rate might be what you need. The downside is that these plans don’t provide the consistency from one month to the next. When market prices go up, your monthly rate will go up as well.

TruEnergy Service For Your Electricity Account

Lots of companies can help you find low rates. With TruEnergy, however, the difference is the service you get. If you have a question, we can answer it. If you have an issue–whether it’s with your new electricity provider, your old one, billing, service, or anything else–we can take care of it or tell you how.

The last time you called a company’s customer service, how long did you wait on hold? How many times did you get passed around from one person to another? How many times did you get disconnected and have to start over.

Think this is annoying? Join the club.

With a dedicated TruEnergy account manager, you only have to make one phone call–or send one email or text–and we’ll take care of the rest. Don’t believe us? Hundreds of Google reviews speak for themselves.

Electric Companies

Once we have a copy of your electricity bill, we can help pair you with the power company that best fits your needs. Click here to request an energy quote and start the process of getting prepaid power set up at your new location.  In most cases, we can even get you set up same day if you contact us during business hours!