Energy Consulting for Churches

Energy Consulting for Churches

Most churches throughout Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and the United States have beautiful aesthetics, and some of these houses of worship are older and retain their original design. However, how energy efficient are they? Considering the open space in which the congregation gathers, it takes a lot of light as well as heat or air to ensure that the gathering is comfortable during mass.

Whether you’re a manager or administrator for your local parish, or you’re a member of the clergy that oversees the maintenance of your church, you’ll want to carefully consider cutting down your energy costs as well as improve the electrical and gas systems in your church. You may want to consider energy consulting for your church.

At TruEnergy, we can help you get a stronger sense of your energy use, how to make it more efficient, and how to reduce your energy bills. Keep reading to find out.

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Determining What Uses the Most Energy in Your Church

There are plenty of systems and components in your church that use energy. However, in order to determine what’s causing the high costs of your bill, you’ll need to find out which components use the most energy. This can help you figure out which systems are costing you more and more each month.

  • Sound System: The sound system is crucial to any church. It helps carry the sound of the sermon to the furthest pews. The PA system not only functions to project speaking, but it’s also used to amplify the music. While this system doesn’t run all day, it can use some significant energy during back-to-back masses.
  • Lighting: A church needs to be well-lit for the congregation to see. However, due to the amount of lights and the duration of their activity, it can lead to high energy costs.
  • Heat/Air: Whether it’s a brisk winter or in the middle of summer, the HVAC system is important to keep the church at an optimal temperature. However, given the open space in the chapel, it takes a lot to heat and cool it, which can lead to high energy costs or gas bills.
  • Refrigeration: If the clergy house or rectory is connected to the church, then the refrigeration and water systems will be included in the overhead of energy costs.

Considering the various systems in your church that add to the costs of your energy bills, energy consulting may be the right move to see the various steps you can take to reduce the costs and make the energy use more efficient in your church.

Lighthouse Community Church

Ryan Williams, Truenergy, has been a valued and trusted consultant for our church’s utility needs. I recommend him 100%. And he is a nice guy!

Elizabeth Bradley
Lighthouse Community Church

First Baptist Church Muenster

Vincent with TruEnergy is a pleasure to work with. He helped the church find the best possible electric company rates, and has continued to check with us making sure we are pleased with our service and billing. Thank you, Vincent, for guiding us through this with such ease and patience!

Jill Dugger

Whitehouse Church of Christ

We were very pleased to receive a refund recuperating tax money we should not have been charged with the previous electric provider we had. There were many attempts to retrieve the information from the previous provider and Truenergy continued until it was finally accomplished.
Thank you again Ken!

Gail Bennett

Assembly Of God Church (Troup, Tx)

Having dealt with an energy broker in the past, I was more than willing to return a call which the pastor of our church had received from Roy Kirk. After a discussion of our multi-meter facility and the rates the church was being charged by a “big named energy company”, Roy came back telling us that the rate we were paying was much higher than what he could broker for us. After all was said and done, our per-kw rate was cut by just over 50% ! While not all accounts will be that drastic of a cut, one can see what the “big named company” was really over charging the church. Subsequently a rep for the “big named company” called me and told me that they could lower my rate. My reply was that if they really wanted happy customers that they should not overcharge that much in the beginning. A great BIG thanks to Roy Kirk for assisting us in savings as well as his continuing followup to be sure all is well with billing and our new energy providers reporting to us of our utilization. Thanks Roy

Larry Couch
Assembly Of God Church (Troup, Tx)

Brazosport Baptist Temple church

Working with Ryan Williams was a pleasure. He answered all my questions, which were many, and was always pleasant and helpful. We communicated back and forth for about a month and finally I was able to get a great price for our electric usage for the church. I thank Ryan for taking me through this process and his expertise. I would highly recommend him to any business seeking electric rate information and getting the best contract that is available in the current and future electric rate markets. Thank you Ryan Williams and Truenergy!

Kay Dawson
Brazosport Baptist Temple church

ReGeneration Church

TruEnergy has been our ‘go to’ source for energy needs since 2016. I trust this company because of our broker rep, Scott Pittman. He delivers. He gets the Patience & Education award (if there was one!) for explaining to me how energy costs are determined, how we can save money, and answering my questions….I had a lot of them! He responded to my emails in a timely manner and contacted me with updates and rate comparisons. He really is a pleasure to work with and I applaud his stellar customer service. We have once again contracted with TruEnergy and would recommend them, and Scott, without reservation.

JoAnn Grey

Ministerio Divina Misericordia

I would like to thank TruEnergy for all of the help they have provided me with not only in securing low rates for my church, but also with my residential energy needs as well. Whenever I have a question or a need of any kind, I can contact them via phone, email, or text and I always get a timely response. They take the guess work out of figuring out who to go with for your energy needs and they will fight to get you the lowest rate available. They are easy to work with and easy to talk to. I love working with TruEnergy and highly recommend them for your energy needs.

Pastor Maria "Angie" Figueroa
Ministerio Divina Misericordia

Kenneth R Johse, CPA

I was contacted by Dalyua for a commercial quote on my office building. April’s research showed that my current rate is better than anything she could presently find. However, I submitted a statement from my church and not only did she find a better rate but she noticed that the church is paying sales tax on the electricity bill and she initiated a form for TruEnergy to collect a refund for the last four years. April also found me a great rate on a rental property that I own.

Both Dalyua and April were both very professional in their service to me.

Kenneth R Johse
Kenneth R Johse, CPA

Pleasanton church of Christ

It has been a pleasure working with Ryan Williams at TruEnergy. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. I often struggle with understanding all the information the different ‘companies’ provide, but Ryan really makes it understandable. I also have complete trust & faith that everything I have been told is exactly how it is to be…it has been proven so. I (my church, I mean) hope to do business with with TrueEnergy for years to come. Ryan keeps up with everything. You feel like you are talking to a friend, a friend who knows pretty much everything there is to know about electric providers. Thanks, Ryan, and TrueEnergy!!

Stamo Andrews

Gethsemane Lutheran Church

I have had the pleasure of working with Timothy Mason at TruEnergy for five years. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and showed great patience in explaining the bidding process to me. Each time we switched providers to take advantage of a lower rate, the process went smoothly. We have saved a significant amount of money on our electricity costs by following his advice. I highly recommend Timothy and TruEnergy.

Janet Goodman
Gethsemane Lutheran Church

Lake Highlands Baptist Church

Roy Kirk has been very helpful to us. He helped us to get a low rate. Also, we had problems with our billing. He was available to help us.

Faye Berry
Lake Highlands Baptist Church

First Baptist Church Buffalo Gap

I received a call from Roy Kirk about our upcoming renewal of our electricity service. He was very helpful in showing me what was available for our service. He was very knowledgeable about the companies. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Sallie Lightfoot

Spirit of Life Church

Over the last year, I have worked with the different electricity carriers of TruEnergy by way of J.C. Craig. He has always provided the needed services with the best rates for our entity. He’s fast and efficient with the necessary services and has worked to make sure that the service is turned on when we need it. His tireless commitment to the request is what makes him a valuable asset to us. Thank you for a job well done!

Joyce M. Woodfork

How to Reduce Your Church’s Energy Costs

At TruEnergy, we can help you start saving on your energy costs. Our energy advisors can analyze your energy bills by using our proprietary technology to determine what is using the most energy. Not only can we suggest some of the top energy-saving equipment, but we’ll negotiate with your local power providers to find you the lowest rate, so you can start cutting your energy costs!

If you’re in need of an energy advisor to help you reduce your church’s energy costs, you can contact us at TruEnergy. We’re proud to serve the churches and people of Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the United States when it comes to saving on energy!