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Energy Consulting for Property Managers

Energy Consulting Property Managers

There are a lot of responsibilities to take care of when you’re managing a property. Whether it’s a commercial building with shops and cafes or it’s an apartment building with several tenants, staying on top of the odds and ends is crucial to ensure that the renters and occupants are happy. However, considering the size of your building and the number of occupants, it’s certain that there’s a lot of energy usage. Of course, it’s probably apparent with your energy bills.

Of all the responsibilities that you deal with on a day-to-day basis, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about energy. In fact, if you partner with an advisor for energy consulting, not only will your energy needs be met, but you’ll have new ways to cut costs with your property and the energy bill.

At TruEnergy, we’re here to help property managers throughout Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the United States learn more about energy consulting and how it can help reduce the energy bill costs!

The Energy Use of Your Property

The type of property you manage will certainly dictate the costs of your energy bill. Commercial properties can use up the most energy, especially if one of the businesses is a restaurant. However, while the business owners are responsible for that bill, you can actually incur some of the overhead costs.

The most common energy-consuming components are the lights, the HVAC system, and the appliances. The appliance use is much higher with restaurants because there’s numerous food preparation equipment, such as ovens, grills, stoves, steamers, fryers, and more.

If you manage an apartment building or a suite of condos, there’s usually an arrangement for what the tenant pays for vs. what you pay for in terms of utilities. Not including these utilities in the rent may seem to result in a more measurable monthly income and show less financial responsibility, but this could sway potential tenants.

How Energy Advisors Can Help You

There’s a lot to factor in when it comes to your property’s energy use and the overall monthly costs. You’re also only aware of the costs that your chosen energy provider offers. Our energy consultants can help you not only lower your costs, but also lower your energy usage by recommending more energy-efficient equipment and fixtures for your property.

Our energy advisors will carefully go over your energy bill and use our proprietary technology to determine which systems and components in your property are costing you the most in energy. They’ll even negotiate with several energy providers in your area to determine the lowest costs, so you can take advantage of them and save on your property’s energy bills.

Are you ready to start seeing which of your systems is using up the most energy? Are you eager to get started on cutting your energy costs? Contact us at TruEnergy to get started on your energy consulting, so our team can help you lower your monthly energy costs.

At TruEnergy, we’re proud to assist property managers and business owners throughout Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and the United States with saving on their energy bills and making their property or business more energy-efficient.