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Energy Consulting for Restaurants

Energy Consulting for Restaurants

Running a restaurant can be a costly endeavor. Think about the constant food and beverage deliveries to increase your inventory. However, one of the most expensive aspects of owning and operating a restaurant isn’t buying the food: it’s the energy use.

The average restaurant spends almost $3 per square foot on electricity and almost $1 a square foot on gas each year. While this may not seem like a lot for a small bistro, restaurants with expansive dining rooms and open kitchens certainly feel the sting of the energy bill.

However, if you’re realizing that you’re spending too much on energy with your restaurant, you may want some energy consulting to help you reduce the costs. At TruEnergy, we’re here to help restaurant owners throughout Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and the United States with their energy costs. Keep reading to find out how!

Why Your Restaurant Needs an Energy Advisor

Why Your Restaurant Needs Energy Consulting eBook

There are plenty of factors and components to your restaurant that use up energy. The heating elements as well as most of the food preparation appliances—like the grille, broiler, stove, flat top, and oven—all use a lot of gas. The refrigeration units, the lights, the POS systems, and the TVs all use up a decent amount of electricity. While these components are crucial to running a successful restaurant, there are ways that you can reduce the energy usages and, in turn, lower the monthly energy bills.

What an Energy Advisor Can Do for You

Our team at TruEnergy will work to make sure your restaurant becomes more energy-efficient, so you don’t have to continue to see rising costs with your energy bills. Our expert energy consultants and advisors will carefully analyze your energy bill. Using our proprietary technology, they’ll be able to determine where you’re using the most energy and where the biggest energy waste is.

Using this information, our energy consultants and advisors can recommend energy-efficient restaurant equipment and components to help reduce the costs as well as lower the amount of energy use and waste in your restaurant. They’ll also negotiate with local power providers to get the lowest costs possible for your energy bill.

How Do I Get Started with Energy Consulting?

Getting started with our team at TruEnergy is simple. All you have to do is send us a copy of your energy bill, so we can review it and analyze it with our unique technology. We’ll have a report for you based on which factors of your restaurant are using the most energy, which ones are using the least, and how you can shave off the usage and costs each month.

We’ll then communicate with providers to find the best electricity and gas rates. We’ll even help by minimizing delivery charges and helping your restaurant become more efficient. We can also review your infrastructure and determine the best ways that your building and business can be more energy-efficient.

Are you looking to cut down on the energy costs with your restaurant? Contact us at TruEnergy to get started! We’re proud to help restaurant owners throughout Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the United States spend less on their energy bills!