Energy Consulting for Retail Businesses

Energy Consulting Retail Business

When you own a store or boutique, there’s a lot of added costs to be accounted for. There’s ordering new merchandise to stock the shelves and racks, replacing any equipment, and even calculating payroll for your employees. However, a major factor into the overhead costs of running a store is the energy use. The various electrical and HVAC components add up in costs each month, so if you feel like you’re spending too much, you may want to think about energy consulting for retail businesses.

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At TruEnergy, we’re here to help shop owners throughout Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the United States cut costs and reduce energy waste, so they can enjoy lower monthly energy bills and increased profits!

What’s Costing You the Most with Your Energy Bills?

Whether you’ve got a convenience store, a fun boutique on Main Street, or you have a bigger spot in a mall, energy use is necessary to day-to-day operations. Customers need lights to inspect their potential purchases, the store needs to be warmed or cooled depending on the weather outside, and you need several systems to ring up customers to reduce long lines and wait times. All of these add up on your energy bill.

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Most convenience stores or quick service restaurants use refrigeration units, which run all hours of the day—even when the location is closed. Another major factor that affects all retailers is the HVAC system. When the weather is colder, the heat will kick up, and during the sweltering heat, the air conditioning system will run at its top capacity. This use of gas and electric can lead to high costs, especially during the extreme temperatures of the varying seasons.

How Energy Consulting Can Help You with Your Retail Business

Determining how your retail business is consuming energy and where there’s any waste can be difficult on your own. However, taking on an energy advisor can really help ease the process and show you the specs of your business’s energy usage.

When it comes to energy consulting at TruEnergy, we’ll make sure that you’re well informed of our process and how we work. Our energy advisors will work with you to ensure that your business is optimizing energy efficiency while finding ways that you can cut down on the costs of your energy bills.

How TruEnergy Advisors Can Assist You in Reducing Your Energy Costs

When you’re ready to get serious about making your retail business more energy-efficient, our team of energy advisors can help you. To get started, you simply need to send us a copy of your energy bill. Using proprietary technology, our experts will carefully examine your bill to determine what components are using the most energy and wasting the most energy. Afterwards, they’ll find ways that you can optimize these factors to reduce their energy use.

Our experts will even negotiate with energy providers in your area to come up with the best gas and electric rates. That way, you can run your business at its most efficient while seeing a rise in your profits and a drop in your energy bill costs.

At TruEnergy, we’re committed to helping retail business owners throughout Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the United States make their shops more energy efficient. Contact us to get started with saving on your energy costs today!