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ERCOT says Texas has enough power for next summer despite rising demand

By: L.M. Sixel |

Texas is expected to have more ample supplies of electricity next summer as new renewable and gas-fired projects come on-line, according to a new forecast issued by the state’s grid manager the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.

The grid manager predicts that Texas will have a reserve margin of 10.6 percent heading into next summer, 2 percentage points higher than the 8.6 reserve margin Texas had as it entered the hot summer months of 2019. Electricity supplies were especially tight during a heat wave in mid-August, forcing ERCOT to twice call for voluntary conservation measures.

Texas will have more of a cushion this summer as new capacity comes on line totaling 7,633 megawatts, according to ERCOT. Most of the new generation projects are renewable and small flexible gas-fired generators.  One megawatt powers about 200 homes during a hot summer day in Texas.

ERCOT is anticipating that Texas will reach peak demand of 76,696 megawatts next year. The current system-wide peak demand record is 74,820 megawatts which was set during the afternoon of Aug. 12.

ERCOT is predicting that the reserve margin for 2021 will be 18.2 percent and 17.3 percent for 2022.