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Green Mountain Energy Company Brings First-Ever 100% Solar Energy Option to Electricity Customers in New York and Pennsylvania

By: Intercooler Online |

For the first time, New York and Pennsylvania residents can choose an electricity plan backed by 100 percent solar power through a new program available from Green Mountain Energy Company, the nation’s longest serving renewable energy supplier. The SolarSPARC™ 100 electricity plan enables customers to power their homes with 100 percent solar power while also supporting the local development of new solar and receiving credit for the facilities built through this program. SolarSPARC (Smart People Accelerating Renewable Change) aims to build new solar facilities funded by monthly per-customer contributions from the company.

“Use of solar power is on the rise because it is a clean and increasingly affordable source of energy, and SolarSPARC builds on that trend by making solar power even more accessible to the typical consumer,” said Jason Sears, senior manager, Product Development and Strategy, Green Mountain Energy Company. “According to Hart Research, 92 percent of Americans want to see more solar installed and we believe SolarSPARC offers consumers a way to make that happen.”

Product Details and Availability

Households in competitive electricity markets in New York and Pennsylvania can choose SolarSPARC from Green Mountain starting May 15, 2014. SolarSPARC brings New York and Pennsylvania consumers the highest solar content electricity plan currently available in their state.

  • Green Mountain will help build new solar generation by contributing $4 per month for each SolarSPARC 100 customer towards developing new solar projects in New York and Pennsylvania.
  • Customers will receive an annual credit which increases each year as new facilities are funded. SolarSPARC 100 customers earn $11 per project funded, up to $121 per year.
  • The SolarSPARC program in New York and Pennsylvania aims to build two new projects each year and the electricity plans will include a portion of the new solar generation created by these projects.
  • Customers can further show support for solar energy through the option of giving their annual credit to Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™, which donates solar to non-profit organizations.
  • Enrollment is available over the phone, in person or online at http://www.greenmountainenergy.com/for-home/solarSPARC.

In connection with the launch of the SolarSPARC program in New York and Pennsylvania, Green Mountain is kick-starting the effort by funding the development of the first SolarSPARC project in Pennsylvania, before any customers sign up. The company is currently evaluating sites to host a solar array. Subsequent projects are planned every six months in either New York or Pennsylvania depending on host site availability. The size of each array will reflect consumer demand for the product.

The State of Solar in New York and Pennsylvania

New York and Pennsylvania are ideal states for SolarSPARC because of the commitments each has shown for solar energy to date.

  • In April 2014, the Philadelphia City Council unanimously committed to powering 20,000 homes with solar energy by 2025
  • The 3 megawatt (MW) solar PV system in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is the largest such system east of the Mississippi River
  • New York ranks 12th for installed solar capacity, producing enough solar energy to power more than 30,900 homes
  • New York has committed $1 billion over the next 10 years with a goal of installing 3,000 MW of solar statewide.
  • Since 2012, 300 MW of solar capacity has been added or is under development in New York

“We’d all like to have solar on our roof, but sometimes that’s not possible due to the upfront cost, where we live or the orientation of our roof,” continued Sears. “With SolarSPARC electricity, the conversation about a solar-powered home doesn’t have to end with a roof-top solar assessment.”

Green Mountain Energy Company

Green Mountain is the nation’s longest serving renewable energy retailer and believes in using wind, sun and water for good. The company was founded in 1997 with the mission to “change the way power is made.” Green Mountain offers consumers and businesses the choice of cleaner electricity products from renewable sources, as well as a variety of carbon offset products and sustainable solutions for businesses. One of Green Mountain’s largest customers is the “world’s most famous office building,” the Empire State Building in New York City. Green Mountain customers have collectively helped avoid more than 30.6 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.