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Illinois bill will hike utility rates

By: Edward Greisch |

A new bill in the Illinois legislature will increase the price of electricity in Illinois if passed. The bill number is ILCS 3855.

The bad part is the renewable portfolio standard. It requires us to get at least 25 percent of our electricity from wind and solar sources by June 1, 2025.

I’ve read that Californians are paying double what we are paying now because of a renewable portfolio standard. Germans and Danes are paying four times what we are paying because of a renewable portfolio standard.

Wind and solar are so intermittent that using them for more than 8.6 percent of the total power is beyond the state of the art’s ability to keep the power from different sources in phase. When electricity sources are out of phase, you have a short circuit.

The proper way to reduce CO2 emissions is to mandate a CO2 emissions limit per kilowatt hour.