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Illinois Residents Could See a Hike in Natural Gas Prices

If you live in Illinois, you could be paying more for natural gas this time next year.
Ameren Illinois files for a $53 million natural gas rate-hike.
The power company requested the increase for upgrades.
This applies to what Ameren charges to deliver gas to homes, which can cover a third to half the bill.
The average customer could be charged between $3-6 more a month.
Consumer watchdog group, Citizens Utility Board, says Ameren has been hiking prices for years.
“And we intend  to go over every penny of Ameren’s rate hike request and we’re going to challenge every penny the company can’t justified. This is really tough news for Ameren customers to get,” said Jim Chilsen of C.U.B.
According to Ameren’s website, the company’s service territory spans across nearly three quarters of the state, including southern Illinois.
The Illinois Commerce Commission is expected to rule on the request by the end of the year.