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Market Highlights: 16 Dec – 20 Dec 2013

Here is what Utility Operations has completed this week:

§ ONCOR, TX – PUC Substantive Rule 25.497 allows non-residential customers for whom electric service is considered crucial for the protection or maintenance of public safety to apply for designation as a “critical load public safety customer”, or for whom an interruption or suspension of electric service will create a dangerous or life-threatening condition on the retail customer’s premises to apply for designation as a “critical load industrial customer.”

Non-residential customers who wish to apply for Critical Load
designation status with Oncor may now retrieve the application via
www.oncor.com by completing the following steps:

  1. Log on to www.oncor.com
  2. Type critical load in the SEARCH field located in the top right of the page
  3. Select Application for Critical Load Public Safety or Critical Load Industrial Customer.docx from the links provided

Completed applications should be submitted to CriticalLoad@Oncor.com or faxed to 214.486.3275. Customers will receive notification of approval or denial of the request within five business days after receipt of the completed application. REPs may submit the form on behalf of their customer (email 12/17/2013).

§ CONED, NY – Published their “unaccounted-for-energy” factors (UFE)
for September, they can be found in the attachments provided (email

§ FIRST ENERGY (ALL UTILITIES) – By December 31, 2013, suppliers are to notify the Companies if they are participating in the Customer Referral Program for the upcoming March 2014 time period. Suppliers must be registered for Rate Ready Billing to be in this program. Copy of the contract is attached.

§ PECO, PA – The Business Price to Compare Table is posted on PECO’s website: www.peco.com/CustomerService/CustomerChoice/Pages/PricetoCompare.aspx. Current and pending Generation Supply Adjustment (GSA) Tariffs are posted on PECO’s website: www.peco.com/CustomerService/RatesandPricing/RateInformation/Pages/CurrentElectric.aspx. GSA Tariff Filings are posted on the PA Public Utility Commission website: www.puc.state.pa.us/Home.aspx.

§ PECO, PA – PECO has posted an update file,
“20131212<suppliername>ICAP.txt”, in each supplier’s individual reports
folder on SUCCESS. This file represents your current customer portfolio as of 12/12/13. This file will be updated every Friday through 5/2014. This file lists the three new pending values for strata, NSPL, and PLC, effective as follows: Start values will change effective January 1, 2014; NSPL values will change effective January 1, 2014; PLC values will change effective June 1, 2014.

§ PECO, PA – An updated ECL (Eligible Customer List) is available for
December which includes future PLC and NSPL values for 2014. This file is located on our SUCCESS Website under the Reports Tab in ECL foler.

§ AEP, OH – AEP Ohio has launched their new Business Partner Portal (BPP) which is now available for use by CRES Providers. Initially, the BPP offers the opportunity for CRES to download the pre-enrollment list and to obtain cumulative usage (historical usage) with customer attributes. By Spring 2014, the BPP will have interval data available for download. Attached is a user document that explains how to use the BPP. The BPP builds upon and replaces AEP’s Rate management Portal currently used by those CRES Providers that are utilizing Rate Ready Consolidated Billing. Please note that if you enter the current Rate Management Portal web address, you will be re-directed to the BPP. It would be helpful for you to change any bookmarks that you may have to the new portal. If you have any questions or need to submit contact information for your Broker designee, please contact ohiochoiceoperations@aep.com.