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Met-Ed customers will see their electricity prices increase June 1

By: Leanne Recla |

Customers who still pay for their electricity through a utility company may see their bills increase starting June 1.

“If you have not chosen a competitive supplier, now may be a good time to do so because the price of electricity from the utilities is estimated to increase by as much as 50 percent for some customers,” said Robert F. Powelson, chairman of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

More than 3.5 million people receive their electric generation from their local electric utility, while more than 2.1 million customers are using a competitive electric supplier, according to the PUC.

According to information provided by the PUC, PPL Electric Utilities customers will actually see a slight decrease in their costs, from 8.75 cents per kilowatt hour to 8.37 cents per kilowatt hour.

However, for Met-Ed customers, the price will increase from 7.78 cents per kilowatt hour to 9.75 cents, a change of about 25 percent.

More information is available at www.PaPowerSwitch.com.