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Oncor program offers free trees for energy savers


Local energy provider Oncor is partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation to encourage its customers to conserve energy.

Energy-Saving Trees, a program designed to reduce electricity bills by strategically planting trees, will reportedly offer 12,000 trees to its customers.

Customers can visit arborday.org/oncor to reserve their free trees and, while at the site, can find tips for planting trees in the most energy efficient locations.

The program will continue until all of the trees are reserved, according to an Oncor press release, and each household can reserve up to two trees.

Trees are between 2 and 4 feet tall and will be delivered directly to customers’ homes during an ideal planting period.

Program sponsors ask customers to care for the trees and plant them in recommended spots.

“This exciting program will give Oncor customers the chance to get some energy efficiency measures around their home while also helping the environment,” said Keith Hull, vice president of Oncor distribution operations.

The website also provides information about other benefits of planting trees, including improved air quality, reduced carbon dioxide and better storm water management.