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PPL Electric Utilities files new electricity purchase plan for default customers

By: Energy Business Review |

PPL Electric Utilities has filed a plan to purchase electricity for default customers with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

Default customers do not choose to buy generation supply and transmission service from a competitive electricity supplier.

Under the projected plan, effective 1 June 2015 through 31 May 2017, the price to compare would be updated twice a year in order to provide customers more certainty around shopping and provide retail suppliers with more time and flexibility in creating pricing programs for customers.

Currently, PPL Electric Utilities updates its price to compare on a quarterly basis every year.

In addition to continuing to buy electricity for non-shopping customers twice a year, the company would continue to solicit a portfolio of laddered contracts, as part of proposed plan.

The contracts include a prudent mixture of short-term (under 12 months) and long-term (one year or longer) contracts and spot market purchases.

The plan is due to be reviewed and approved by the PUC while the decision is likely to be announced in early 2015.