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Solar rebate programs available

Green Energy Programs

TruEnergy is dedicated to providing alternative energy services. Through our various providers, we can offer renewable energy, LEED certificates, and even rebates and incentives on solar programs. For more information, please contact us at green@truenergy.net.

Oncor/USDA Rebate

TruEnergy specializes in helping our customers receive rebates offered for purchasing and installing solar energy systems. The largest and best rebates available that can drive projects in north texas are the ONCOR “Take‐A‐Load‐Off” program and the USDA REAP program.

  • USDA – Limited to $500,000 per project the USDA REAP grant will pay for 25% of the system cost if the location qualifies as a rural small business.
  • ONCOR – ONCOR has a up‐front‐cash rebate valued at $0.85/Watt limited to $104,000 for every 123kW project.

Using a five year loan at 5%, the installation is cash‐flow positive, and customers can increase their cash flow by over $160,000 in the first year!

Download a .pdf copy of our project overview now! For more information, contact us today at solar@TruEnergy.net.

This offer ends 4/30/16