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Stateline Electric Bills Are On The Rise

By: Alexis McAdams |

Although the Stateline resident’s electric meters won’t spin any faster than they did last year, their power costs will almost double. That is because electric aggregation deals, which have saved local residents hundreds of dollars over the past two years, will no longer be an option in Illinois.

Jim Chislen of the Citizens Utility Board says, “Illinois’ electricity market has changed significantly and as a result the era of easy savings is over.”

For example, if you live in Rockford the aggregation rate with First Energy Solutions will expire next month.  This means that, even if you go with a new aggregation plane with Constellation Energy instead of ComEd you will pay nearly double. “It’s much more difficult for alternative suppliers to secure significant savings for Illinois consumers,” Says Chislen.

Brian Adams, a Stateline energy user says he did not like the idea of switching to municipal aggregation.  “I think like anything else, the buyer has to beware” says Adams.

Customers like local resident Brian Adams say the higher rates were inevitable. “How could an outside company, that buys their electricity from ComEd off the grid…how could they possibly compete and beat the manufacturer at their own game,” says Adams.

According to the Citizen’s Utility Board, you have three options for your electricity in Illinois. You can stay with the municipal aggregation deal with your city, you can go to ComEd or you can look for a cheaper alternate supplier.  But, any way you do it, you will pay more. “What we are finding is that the most reliable way to cut your utility bill is through energy efficiency.  “Doing simple things around the house can cut your utility bills significantly,” says Chislen.