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Assembly Of God Church (Troup, Tx)

Having dealt with an energy broker in the past, I was more than willing to return a call which the pastor of our church had received from Roy Kirk. After a discussion of our multi-meter facility and the rates the church was being charged by a “big named energy company”, Roy came back telling us that the rate we were paying was much higher than what he could broker for us. After all was said and done, our per-kw rate was cut by just over 50% ! While not all accounts will be that drastic of a cut, one can see what the “big named company” was really over charging the church. Subsequently a rep for the “big named company” called me and told me that they could lower my rate. My reply was that if they really wanted happy customers that they should not overcharge that much in the beginning. A great BIG thanks to Roy Kirk for assisting us in savings as well as his continuing followup to be sure all is well with billing and our new energy providers reporting to us of our utilization. Thanks Roy

Larry Couch
Assembly Of God Church (Troup, Tx)