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Bill Shaw

I had used other providers for my business electricity and changed to a better program each time a contracy expired. I got a call from April Webster several years ago and after a brief back and forth with her, I determined she could save me money on our electric bill. She was always excellent to work with.

As of March 1, 2019 and after 47 years in business, I sold my business. I happened to get an email from April asking about a rewal and told her I had sold the business and retired. I did not realize she could work with homeowners on electricity savings and I was glad to give her a shot at my home. After I gave her info on my home account, it took her only about a day to get a quote back to me. She really works quickly.

In only about 48 hours from first replying to her email concerning my home electricity, I was singed up with her. It was so quick and easy and wil save me money every month.

You cannot go wrong in working with April, she is outstanding..

William Shaw, Aledo, Texas