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Well, this has been an awesome experience. About 3 weeks ago, I took a phone call on my phone that came up as “Potential Electricity Spam.” Being in my own business, I have to take all calls, and trust me, I get a LOT of spam. Well, to my surprise, a sweet sounding girl was on the other end of the phone calling from Dallas, TX and she wanted to talk about my electricity. I joked about how the phone call came across as potential spam, but I continued to listen to her because this was a hot button for me. Her timing was perfect, because I had just signed with another provider at 12.5 cents per kWh PLUS TDU charges of about $0.035 and $0.04 per kWh and was under contract for two years. I was kind of hating on myself for not really doing my homework with my current provider, but signed anyway, only to regret it. Well, come to find out, I sent a copy of my latest invoice to Suzzy. She looked it over and one of her colleagues, Amber, called me back. She said I would have saved $150 on my last bill going with the provider they suggested. It all sounded too true, and these two girls were just as nice as they could be. I just decided to pull the trigger right then and there. I paid the $295 cancellation fee with my current provider, and I received my first bill today, and they were right. I saved over $125 on my first month and it was a partial bill. I’m hooked! So, I told everyone I knew about TruEnergy, and especially Suzzy and Amber. I know a few of them have already switched. I have NOTHING but kind words to say about this company and these two girls. I am glad I made the switch. So much for a “spam” phone call! Thanks TruEnergy! You guys are awesome!!!

Kirk Williams
CMX Global Solutions