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El Campo Livestock Co

I am very impressed with Tru Energy and their representative Amber. Amber contacted me on a cold call type situation… she was offering her services to “shop” our utility service. Normally I would dismiss the call immediately but I didn’t this time. I had some recent frustration with my current vendor regarding getting our meters checked as I was not seeing the normal bill variation given the time of year and thus less usage of our utilities. I’m so grateful that I stopped for a moment and listened to Amber. The process was simple.. I shared my last bills with her from the current vendor, she then presented my options. I did no work except scan a bill to her. Her response was quick and comprehensive. My options were presented as far as vendors, meter performance would be checked and the biggest surprise was that our current vendor was wrongfully taxing us on our bills when they shouldn’t have been due to the type of business we are (and I just didn’t know it)! Tru Energy got us seamlessly transitioned over to a new carrier AND got our taxes reimbursed for several years from what is now our previous vendor. All I had to do was communicate with Amber… a few emails and a couple of short and pleasant conversations. Done deal. Let these people explore your options for you. I believe they know what they are doing and went above and beyond what I expected with getting some money reimbursed. Thank you Amber!