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I can honestly say that I brag about Luke Warner and Jarrod Jackson for a number of reasons! Sadly, in today’s times, customer service has long since fallen by the wayside. I am appalled at the number of times EVERY DAY that I can’t even get customer service, but excellent customer service….. AND with a smile……. unheard of unless I’m talking to one or both of these two gentlemen (or another member of their team, kudos to Casey)! These two men are valuable assets to TruEnergy!

Jarrod and Luke, as for teaching others your admirable qualities, TRULY REMARKABLE, GENTLEMEN!!! You have no idea how many smiles you spread or how many days you brighten!! I wish I had you on my team.

It makes me proud to see young men bring back such valuable qualities!! People like you were once the reason that businesses had an established clientele.

Keep up the great work! You never know who might notice!