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M.B.White Real Estate LLC

I was pleased with the service I received from Truenergy and look forward to having a dedicated supervisor if I have questions about my energy needs going forward. My current contract is nearing expiration and the three plans Truenergy emailed me to compare were very interesting. After looking them over and discussing my situation with them, I was able to choose the best option. The rest of the process was super easy. I did everything online and received a quick follow-up call from the new provider to verify my identity and I’m set with a fixed rate for the next 18 months that is lower than the rate I’ve been paying for the last year. The best part is, I will be contacted when it’s time to renew or go to another provider. Truenergy will be my energy mediator with researched options that actually spell out the savings of one company over the other.

Marlis Wadley
M.B.White Real Estate LLC