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Plum Fun Party Rentals, Busted Stump LP

Any leader wants a person like April Webster on their team! If that leader is in the customer service industry, then she is doubly valuable as a team member. April went out of her way to work with me to acquire the best rates for my businesses and in record time. Now that I am an established customer, she continues to treat me as well as she did when she was trying to obtain my business. She works hard to maintain a friendly and professional relationship. This is a rare trait with many sales people these days. Others forget who you are once they have your signature on a contract. April continues to check in on a regular basis. It’s always an unexpected pleasure to receive an email wishing me Happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas, etc. As I mentioned before, she is a true team member that makes Tru Energy look good to the general population. Thank you April for your professionalism and great customer care!

Deborah Madewell
Plum Fun Party Rentals, Busted Stump LP