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I was contacted by Jeffrey Erickson with TruEnergy several months before the contract with the existing energy company was to expire.  He was very helpful in showing me ways to save money and explore other options out there for energy… Its not always about the electric company  guys who spend the MOST on TV commercials.. there are so many other options out there.  It was important for me as a small business owner to immed make some changes to my electric when Jeffrey showed me the options out there which were more than HALF of what I was spending.   He was able to review my existing agreement and arrange it to where my new agreement, saving my little business lots of money would go into effect immediately upon the expiration of the old contract.   We never skipped a beat here.  AFter that transition was so easy and painless, I turned over my other 3 businesses to Jeffrey to put them on the same or better contract with the same energy company, Engie Resources.  Now I have all my electric bills due at the same time, set up on autopay, and I’m able to see all of them with one account / log in online.  Its SO EASY!   TruEnergy really saved me some time and LOTS of money!  Thank you Jeffrey and TruEnergy.

Jennifer Gordon
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