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The Iron Den Gym

I first spoke with Dalyua over a year ago… I was locked into an amazing contract, and she knew it! She was very impressed by the rate I was able to get for the business I manage… but I was more impressed by her ability to make me feel as though she wasn’t trying to SELL my anything, she was really just trying to help me get the best rate I could possibly get. Fast forward to a year later, and she called me back… I could recall our conversation, as she could, because she is just THAT personable and, quite frankly, memorable. She got the best rate I could have ever asked for for my gym… and she even helped me slash my own personal residential rate in more than half.
Amazing people… here to HELP you. More than you could ever hope or ask for with a business you are aligning yourself with. I would (and will) recommend Dalyua and her team to any business looking to get the best energy rate for their facility. They put in the time… and it is more than worth it!

Jennifer Cotton